Libros Católicos
  • Clark,Mary KayCatholic Home Schooling: A handbook for parents. Tan Books & Publishers
  • Hahn, Kimberly and Hasson, Mary. Catholic Education: Homeward Bound: A useful guide to catholic homeschoolingIgnatius Press
  • Wittmann, Maureen and Rachel MacksonThe Catholic Homeschool CompanionSophia Institute Press
  • Mackson, Rachel and Maureen WittmannA Catholic homeschool Treasury: Nututring Children’s Love for Learning. Ignatius Press
  • Pierlot, HollyA Mother’s Rule of Life. Sophia Institute Press
  • Berquist, Laura MDesigning Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education. Ignatius Press
  • Munn, RitaFamily Journal: A Homeschooling Mom’s Companion. Catholic Heritage Curricula
  • Andres, Suzie. Homeschooling with Gentleness: A Catholic Discovers Unschooling. Little Way Books
  • Walsh, Edward and NancyNatural Structure: A Montessori Approach to Classical Education at Home. Catholic Heritage Curricula.
  • Lloyd, Susie. Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water. Sophia Institute Press
  • Foss, ElizabethReal Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home. By Way of the Family


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